Olive Hamsa

Round and green, the olive is one of the greatest symbols of the middle east. This ancient fruit supports the idea of beauty, robustness and peace. It’s also a constant reminder for peace and hope in our world. Wherever this strong and powerful tree grows, it symbolizes for so many people one word - Home.

Sometimes it reminds me of my heritage. The heritage inside the heart. Memories of home, a smile of a grandfather. Reminds me of my roots.

May our roots be healthy. Our leaves are fresh and strong, and our branches - like hands - open a hug to the world.

"A land of wheat, barely and vines, of fig trees and the Pomegranate; a land of olive trees and honey".


Dimensions:  Length: 15 cm, Width: 13 cm, Thickness: 1 cm,  Weight (NET): 200 gr.

Material: Jerusalem Cast Stone.

Colors: Green, Silver, Orange.

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