אנא שימו לב, מאחר וכל מוצר ומוצר עשוי בעבודת יד יתכן הבדל קטן בין התמונה לבין המוצר הסופי
Please note, as each item is a hand-made unique creation, actual product may differ slightly from photo. 

Caring for stone Product
Itzuviems products are made for indoor usage only in mild climates. Severe cold, snow or heavy rains might damage the cast stone. To clean, first gently dust product with a feather dust brush. Then gently wipe with a lightly dampened cloth such as Fresh Wipes (do not use any other type of cloth such as washcloth, paper towels or any type of abrasive material). Under no circumstances are any of the products on this website to be put in the dishwasher or submerged in water.

Caring for Judaica 5 Metals Product
In order to keep the metal Judaica products in good condition please avoid using detergent or  any contact with water. Also avoid prolonged exposure to heat. To clean just gently wipe with a feather dust brush

Caring for Jewelry
In order to keep the  jewel in good condition please don't let the jewel come in contact with water, perfume, cream or lotion. Don't bath or shower with your jewelry. It's highly recommend to use the cosmetic products a few minutes before wearing the jewel.

All the items on this website are handmade in Israel.