Breastplate Stones Mezuzah

Beautiful Breastplate Stones Mezuzah

The breastplate stone (אבני החושן) was one of the sacred outfits of the high priests of Israel (הכהן הגדול).The breast fabric was threaded from gold and other luxurious elements. Inside of the twelve golden rectangles on the plate, each one has a gemstone symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel. The breastplates were made with gemstones consisting of diamond, sapphire amethyst, and many more. It was used to communicate with God and was a staple to open the channel to communicate with the higher powers. This holy accessory was and still is an important part of high level religious figures. The colors of the stones in the mezuzah design are inspired by this famous breastplate. Bringing this ancient tradition to the modern Jewish house through colors and metals. 


Color: Beige, Stone, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Red, Silver, Black.

  SIZE 8 SIZE 10 SIZE 12 SIZE 15
Length 10.5 cm 15 cm 17 cm 19.7 cm
Width 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm
Thickness 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm
Weight 85 gr 110 gr 125 gr 150 gr

*Parchment is not included 

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