Modern Oriental Mezuzah

Beautiful Modern Oriental Mezuzah

The idea of this design is to combine modern art using geometric shapes while still keeping the traditional colors and styles of all the Sephardic Jewish people making Aliyah in the early 50s. Using colors that resemble their environment being along the Mediterranean sea such as different shades of browns and blues. Using traditional artisan styles by making everything by hand and being very intentional with the design of their art.


Color: Beige, Stone, Bronze, Red, Silver, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. 

  SIZE 8 SIZE 10 SIZE 12 SIZE 15
Length 10.5 cm 15 cm 17 cm 19.7 cm
Width 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm
Thickness 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm
Weight 85 gr 110 gr 125 gr 150 gr

*Parchment is not included 

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