Negev Desert Stone Mezuzah

Beautiful Negev Desert Stone Mezuzah 

This stone Mezuzah captures the immense beauty of the Negev Desert (הנגב). The rich silence of the sand dunes combined with the explosion of colors from the overlooking sunsets is euphoric by natural design.


Color: Beige, Stone, Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Black, Brick Red. 

  SIZE 8 SIZE 10 SIZE 12 SIZE 15
Length 10.5 cm 15 cm 17 cm 19.7 cm
Width 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm
Thickness 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm
Weight 85 gr 110 gr 125 gr 150 gr

*Parchment is not included 

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