Star of David - Silver Tallit Clips

Beautiful Star of David - Silver Tallit Clips

The Star of David is a symbol taking the shape of a hexagram, usually representing Jewish heritage or identity. Also known as the “Shield of David” this biblical symbol is most commonly found in jewelry designs and decorative pieces to one's home. Like many religious symbols the Star of David is worn by millions of people worldwide and is widely known for its good omens and inner strength. The Star Of David is the perfect design choice to be featured on these tallit clips.

* Tallit Clips are used to hold the tallit together in order to prevent the tallit from coming undone. Tallit Clips can be a great gift for men to utilize for special events,  bar mitzvahs, wedding days or for days like Shabbat and holy days.


Material: Blackened sterling silver 925.

Dimensions: Design Diameter: 2.5 cm. weight- about 13 to 15 grams.

Colors: Silver.

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