Judaica jewelry תכשיטי יודאיקה

Here you can find men's jewelry. featuring Jewish symbols such as an: Hamsa, Chai, Pomegranate and Star of David.
*Tallit clips - used to hold the 2 sides of the tallit together when being worn.
*Cufflinks,  *Judaica necklace,  *Judaica bracelet
Create your own mix and match set with any of the above for a look that is full of Jewish meaning and value.
Perfect accessories to be worn proudly at any occasion.
Perfect  gift for engagements, weddings, groomsmen, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, Father's Day, special holidays and Yom Tov, and will compliment any style.
Choose one of four traditional Jewish symbols: Star of David, Hamsa, Pomegranate and Chai.
Each piece is carefully crafted from 925 sterling silver with 9 karat red gold.