Wheat Hamsa

 Wheat is such an important part of our 7 species. Our Hita relates to the idea of Hessed - kindness. Since it was a basic ingredient in ancient Israel's cuisine, it was one of the most commonly served items to guests. Its fertility, resilience and versatility has earned it the famous title “the staff of life.” For me wheat symbolizes being open hearted and welcoming every person no matter who he or she is. Wheat reminds me that we are all from the same earth and grow in the same way.

"A land of wheat, barely and vines, of fig trees and the Pomegranate; a land of olive trees and honey".


Dimensions: Length: 15 cm, Width: 13 cm, Thickness: 1 cm,  Weight (NETO): 200 gr.

Material: Jerusalem Cast Stone.

Color: Yellow, Gold, Red, Brown, Blue, Purple.

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