Date Candlesticks

Beautiful Date Candlesticks

Famously the date (Honey)  is a special fruit from the 7 species because of its sweet taste and wide range of uses. The date tree takes a long time to grow and represents the hard work one must go through to reach a result. This sweet treat symbolizes the intentions of strong efforts as demonstrated to the trees and bees that create this incredible honey. For me, the date symbolizes the hard work and effort I focus on putting into my everyday goals.

"A land of wheat, barley, and vines, of fig trees and the Pomegranate; a land of olive trees and honey".


Entire set dimensions : Height 7.5 cm, Length 6.7 cm, Depth 6.7 cm, Weight 1015 gr.

Colors: White, Green, Orange, Blue.

Includes two removable nickel plated metal candle cups and a tray.


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