Fig Hamsa

This 5000 years old fruit relates to Netzah (the idea of forever) because of its long ripening period. Very often the fruit is compared to the Torah because of the need to watch the fig tree  carefully and collect them on a daily basis. Just like the Torah's lessons teaches us a little bit everyday. This makes me feel like in life things come in small amounts and we need to take these lessons slowly to become better people. Sometimes those small moments of joy are the moments that have real impact on us and shape our lives in a significant way.

"A land of wheat, barely and vines, of fig trees and the Pomegranate; a land of olive trees and honey".


Dimensions:  Length: 15 cm, Width: 13 cm, Thickness: 1 cm,  Weight (NET): 200 gr.

Material: Jerusalem Cast Stone.

Colors: Green, Silver, Orange, Purple.


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