Chai - Silver & Red Gold Tallit Clips

Beautiful Chai - Silver & Red Gold Tallit Clips

Chai (חי) meaning alive or living, is commonly worn for fashion and used frequently in the Hebrew language. The second meaning of these letters is luck, success and health. Doubling as a common Jewish name, Chai is famously recognized around the world. Chai’s elegant shape and deep meaning is what led to its growing popularity as a designer's inspiration for accessories, clothing and art. Chai is a famous staple found inside the Judaica jewelry collection handcrafted to give this famous word an original taste in fashion and beauty.

* Tallit Clips are used to hold the tallit together in order to prevent the tallit from coming undone. Tallit Clips can be a great gift for men to utilize for special events,  bar mitzvahs, wedding days or for days like Shabbat and holy days.


Material: Red gold 9k, Blackened sterling silver 925.

Dimensions: Design Diameter: 2.5 cm. weight- about 13 to 15 grams.

Colors: Silver, Red Gold.

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