Hamsa - Silver Tallit Clips

Beautiful Hamsa - Silver Tallit Clips

Tallit Clips with a design of a Hamsas provides strength and elegance, while providing a masculine solution to this fashion statement.
Hamsas are commonly known to be the protective amulet for guiding away misfortune and the evil eye. To those who know, Tallit Clips become a must have for men who love to look good while celebrating and occasion.

The word “Hamsa” comes from Arabic, which means "five", and signifies the five fingers of the hand.

* Tallit Clips are used to hold the tallit together in order to prevent the tallit from coming undone. Tallit Clips can be a great gift for men to utilize for special events,  bar mitzvahs, wedding days or for days like Shabbat and holy days.


Material: Blackened sterling silver 925.

Dimensions: Design Diameter: 2.5 cm. weight- about 13 to 15 grams.

Colors: Silver.

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