The Golden Gate - Silver Tallit Clips

Beautiful The Golden Gate - Silver Tallit Clips

The precision and fine detail in this Golden Gate Tallit Clips takes artistry and elegance to the next level. The Golden Gate or Sha'ar HaRachamim  (שער הרחמים) - in the Jewish tradition is known as the Gate of Mercy, where the Messiah goes through, even though the gate is closed. Made from stone and other special gems, these clips are a great addition to a men's outfit. This rich color palette is deeply considered for each individual Tallit Clip making each gift truly special.

* Tallit Clips are used to hold the tallit together in order to prevent the tallit from coming undone. Tallit Clips can be a great gift for men to utilize for special events,  bar mitzvahs, wedding days or for days like Shabbat and holy days.


Material: Sterling silver 925, Colored Gems.
Approximate weight - 15 to 17 grams.
Squares size (each) 2.3 cm X 2.3 cm
Colors: Silver, Multicolor.

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