Tel Aviv Yafo - Jerusalem Cast Stone Picture

Beautiful Tel Aviv Yafo / Jaffa Clock Tower Picture

Tel Aviv is one of the great cities of Israel located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This modern city is the capital of tourism, nightlife and is home to many artists. This is the hub of diversity and experience where memories are created with friends and family. This Mediterranean city is the economic and advanced technological center of Israel.

This Hamsa is a part of the Tel Aviv Jaffa Collection, and this special design is inspired by The Jaffa Clock Tower - one of seven clock towers built in Israel during the Ottoman period. This type of clock tower was built and designed to help create stronger communities within the cities in the 1900s. The original bell inside the tower still rings to this day.


Dimensions: Length: 11 cm, Width: 11cm, Thickness: 1 cm, Weight: 195 gr.

Jerusalem Cast Stone.

Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Silver, Gold, Dark Red.

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